(SUB) [ 2부 ] SeaArt.AI✅다양한 AI이미지 생성법 중 자신에게 맞는 방법으로 AI이미지생성하는법 I 씨아트ai툴 소개 I 초보자 맞춤 l Aiart l

21 Mar 202414:27

TLDRSeaArt.AI는 사용자가 입력한 키워드나 이미지를 기반으로 다양한 스타일의 아트웍을 자동 생성하는 인공지능 기반 플랫폼입니다. 초보자나 경험자 모두에게 직관적인 인터페이스를 제공하며, 무료 크레디트와 1일 무료 체험을 통해 이용자들이 플랫폼을 쉽게 이용해볼 수 있습니다. 이 비디오는 SeaArt.AI의 사용 방법과 다양한 이미지 생성 기능을 소개하며, 유저들이 자신에게 맞는 방법으로 AI 이미지를 생성하는 방법을 안내합니다.


  • 🌐 SeaArt.AI is an AI platform for generating artwork images based on user input like keywords or images.
  • 🚀 It offers an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users of AI generative tools.
  • 🆓 New users receive a 1-day free trial with 150 free credits, and can earn more through a daily resetting system.
  • 💡 Free credits are not cumulative and must be used within the day they are earned.
  • 📋 Users can explore categories and tags to find inspiration for their artwork creations.
  • 🎨 Original creations on the platform are licensed under a model license, with different authors having different licensing criteria.
  • 📝 It's advised to check the SeaArt.AI Terms of Use for guidelines on using the creations posted by users.
  • 🌐 SeaArt.AI is available in Korean and also integrates with the Chatgpt system for AI chat interactions.
  • 🔄 Users can select different modes like adult or minor, with caution advised for adult mode in public settings.
  • 🛠️ The platform provides various tools for image creation, including image generation modes, settings, and advanced features.
  • 📈 SDXL mode offers higher resolutions and more detailed images than the default mode, but at a higher credit cost.
  • 🔄 The Prompt Generator tool allows for automatic generation of prompts, simplifying the image creation process.
  • 🎉 The video also covers additional features like image upscaling and provides resources for further learning and application.

Q & A

  • What is SeaArt.AI and what does it do?

    -SeaArt.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that automatically generates images of artworks based on keywords or images entered by the user. It learns from existing images or artworks and creates new images accordingly.

  • How user-friendly is the SeaArt.AI interface for beginners?

    -The SeaArt.AI generative tool has an intuitive interface, making it very accessible for beginners and inspiring for those with experience using existing AI generative tools.

  • What kind of trial offer does SeaArt.AI provide for first-time users?

    -First-time SeaArt.AI users get a 1-day free trial with 150 free credits, and they can also earn additional 150 free credits in increments of 150 with a system that updates and resets daily.

  • Are there any limitations to the free credits provided by SeaArt.AI?

    -Yes, please note that free credits are not cumulative and cannot be accumulated over time.

  • How can users explore and find inspiration on SeaArt.AI?

    -Users can explore categories organized by topic at the top of the screen and see the tags that break them down further. They can also view creations posted by other users as they scroll through the screen.

  • What should users consider regarding the licensing of original creations on SeaArt.AI?

    -If it's an original creation, it's licensed under a model license. Different authors will have different licenses based on different criteria, so users should be aware of the licensing terms.

  • How does SeaArt.AI handle the use of its generated images for business purposes?

    -Current creations are labeled as not intended for business use, and users are recommended to check the SeaArt.AI Terms of Use for further reference.

  • What additional features does SeaArt.AI offer for communication and community building?

    -Users can communicate with other users by joining Discord, and they can select adult mode or minor mode depending on their preferences. There is also a Chatgpt system AI chat available.

  • What is the Swift AI tool mentioned in the script, and how does it relate to SeaArt.AI?

    -The Swift AI tool is part of the content covered in the first SeaArt.AI video. It is related to SeaArt.AI as it allows users to generate AI automatic Txt2img, which is a feature of the platform.

  • How does SeaArt.AI assist users in creating high-quality images with simple settings?

    -SeaArt.AI provides an easy-to-use interface with features like the Prompt Tool, where users can input keywords to generate images. It also offers settings like Model and LORA selection, negative prompts, and different image generation modes like SDXL for higher resolutions.

  • What convenience features does SeaArt.AI offer for users who find the image creation process tedious?

    -SeaArt.AI offers an auto feature that automatically generates an image by matching the model and LORA based on prompts with a single click, simplifying the image creation process.



🎨 SeaArt.AI Platform Overview

SeaArt.AI is an AI-driven platform that creates artwork images based on user-provided keywords or images. It learns from existing artworks to generate new ones, offering an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users. New users receive a 1-day free trial with 150 credits, and there's a daily system for earning more. Free credits are non-cumulative. The platform features a variety of categories and tags, and users must be aware of licensing for original creations. Current creations are not for business use, and the platform's Terms of Use should be consulted. Featured creations are unrelated to business support. The platform also includes a chat system with role assignment and a community on Discord, with options for adult or minor modes. The video guide covers the Swift AI tool and introduces the Txt2img feature, guiding users through the image creation process, including signing up for a VIP plan for more benefits.


🖼️ Image Creation Process with SeaArt.AI

This paragraph delves into the specifics of creating an image using SeaArt.AI's Prompt tool. Users can edit and select keywords to generate artwork, with options to add or remove keywords直接影响 the final image. The platform provides a categorized list for more detailed prompts. Once the prompt is set, users select a model and LORA settings to generate the image. The video demonstrates creating an image with specific prompts and adjusting settings like model version and LORA selection. It also covers negative prompts to exclude certain elements and provides tips for setting advanced options. The result is a high-quality image created with simple settings. The video further explores generating images in different modes, including SDXL for higher resolution and detail, and compares the results with upscaled images.


🔧 Advanced Features and Convenience of SeaArt.AI

The final paragraph highlights advanced features of SeaArt.AI, such as the Prompt Generator for automatic prompt creation and the ability to write prompts in Korean. It mentions the option to transform images, upgrade resolutions, and publish creations, but focuses on the image generation process due to the complexity. The video also provides instructions for using the CapCut web tool to create YouTube channel art with AI-generated images. For those who find the process tedious, the AI offers an auto-generation feature that matches the model and LORA based on prompts for a single-click image creation. The video concludes by emphasizing the convenience and accessibility of SeaArt.AI, reminding viewers that image creation requires stamina and inviting them to try creating their own AI images.




SeaArt.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that specializes in the automatic generation of artwork images. It is designed to learn from existing images or artworks and then create new images based on the user's input. This platform is central to the video's theme, showcasing its capabilities and how it can be utilized by both beginners and experienced users. The script mentions that it offers a 1-day free trial and has an intuitive interface, making it accessible and inspiring.

💡AI Generative Tool

The AI Generative Tool refers to the technology used by SeaArt.AI to create new images. It has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly, allowing for the generation of artwork in various styles based on keywords or images provided by users. The script emphasizes its ease of use and the inspiration it provides to those familiar with AI generative tools.

💡Free Trial

A Free Trial is an opportunity for first-time users of SeaArt.AI to experience the platform's capabilities without cost. The script specifies that new users get a 1-day free trial along with 150 free credits, which is a way to attract and engage potential users to explore the features of the AI image generation platform.

💡Free Credits

Free Credits are a form of virtual currency within the SeaArt.AI platform that can be used to generate images. The script mentions a system that allows users to earn 150 free credits daily, which resets and updates, but notes that these credits are not cumulative, emphasizing the need for users to utilize them effectively.


Categories in the script refer to the organizational structure of tags and themes within the SeaArt.AI platform. Users can click on a category to see more specific tags, which help in refining the image generation process according to the user's desired style or subject matter.

💡Model License

A Model License is a type of license that governs the use of original creations on the SeaArt.AI platform. Different authors may have different licenses based on various criteria, which is important for users to understand when using or sharing the generated images, as indicated in the script.

💡Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are the rules and guidelines that users must adhere to when using the SeaArt.AI platform. The script suggests that users should check these terms for further reference, especially regarding the use of images generated for business purposes or other specific uses.

💡Chatgpt System

The Chatgpt System mentioned in the script refers to an AI chat system that users can interact with on the SeaArt.AI platform. It allows users to assign roles to the AI and communicate based on those roles, enhancing the user experience and providing a personalized interaction.

💡Adult Mode

Adult Mode is a setting within the SeaArt.AI platform that users can select. The script cautions users to be careful when selecting this mode due to the potential for encountering mature content, which may not be suitable for all audiences or situations.

💡Swift AI Tool

The Swift AI Tool is a feature of SeaArt.AI that is introduced in the video. Although not the main focus of the script, it is mentioned as part of the platform's offerings, suggesting that it is another method for users to generate AI images quickly and efficiently.

💡Prompt Tool

The Prompt Tool is a feature within SeaArt.AI that allows users to input keywords to guide the AI in generating specific images. The script describes how users can create detailed prompts, edit them, and use them to generate images, highlighting the flexibility and control this tool offers in the image creation process.

💡SDXL Mode

SDXL Mode is a higher resolution image generation setting within SeaArt.AI. The script explains that this mode supports more detail and higher resolutions than the default mode, but it also consumes more credits, indicating a trade-off between image quality and resource usage.


SeaArt.AI is an AI-based platform for generating artwork images.

Artworks are generated in various styles from user-provided keywords or images.

The platform learns from existing images to create new ones.

SeaArt.AI has an intuitive interface suitable for beginners and experienced users.

New users receive a 1-day free trial with 150 free credits.

Free credits can be earned daily but are not cumulative.

Categories and tags organize the platform's offerings for easy navigation.

Original creations are licensed under model licenses with varying criteria.

Current creations are not intended for business use.

The platform provides a guide and a Chatgpt system for user support.

Users can communicate via Discord and select adult or minor mode.

SeaArt.AI is available in Korean and offers a Swift AI tool.

Image creation space allows for setting image generation modes and preferences.

Users can edit prompts and generate images with selected AI tools.

The Prompt Tool allows for detailed image creation using keywords.

SDXL mode offers higher resolutions and more detailed image generation.

The Prompt Generator automatically creates prompts for image generation.

AI can auto-generate images by matching model and LORA to prompts.

SeaArt.AI emphasizes accessibility, convenience, and ease of use.