Midjourney's --tile Parameter Guide - AI-generated Seamless Tile/Pattern

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24 Sept 202206:18

TLDRThis video introduces a new 'tile' parameter in Midjourney, which facilitates the creation of seamless styles and patterns. The feature is showcased through a demonstration using an official Discord channel resource to preview textures. The video explains how to generate seamless textures by adding the tile parameter to prompts, highlighting its compatibility with various algorithm versions and creative flows. Viewers are encouraged to explore the community for inspiration and to experiment with different compositions for unique tile creations, such as panoramic landscapes or game textures, emphasizing the efficiency and memory savings of using smaller, repeating textures.


  • πŸ˜€ The video introduces a new 'tile' parameter in Midjourney that facilitates the creation of seamless styles and patterns.
  • πŸ” A website is mentioned for checking seamless textures and seeing how they look, which is also discussed on the official Discord channel.
  • πŸ›  The 'tile' parameter allows for seamless textures to be generated directly without needing to specify 'seamless image style' in prompts.
  • ⚠️ There are caveats: editing 'tile' after prompts can make images repeat if used as styles, and it's best to test with different speeds.
  • 🌐 The 'tile' parameter works with all algorithm versions, including upscale variations, and is compatible with both version 3 and version 2.3.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Users can replace default images on the website to check how different images would look as seamless textures.
  • 🎨 The seamless patterns generated can be used for various applications like wallpapers, gaming, character design, and clothing.
  • 🌱 An example is given where a single image of grass can be used to create a large, seamless area with less memory consumption.
  • πŸ”Ž The Community Feed is recommended for inspiration, where different tiles and patterns created by others can spark unique ideas.
  • πŸ“Έ When generating a tile, it's important to compose the output correctly to match the desired seamless style, using keywords to control the image composition.
  • 🌐 The video also mentions that there's no need to add 'world tile' or 'CMS' in prompts, as the algorithm handles it automatically.
  • πŸ™οΈ Examples from the Discord show creative uses of the 'tile' parameter, such as creating infinite panoramic landscapes and vertical cityscapes.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the new tile parameter in Midjourney?

    -The new tile parameter in Midjourney allows users to create seamless styles and patterns, which can be used for textures that need to be repeated without visible seams.

  • How can you check the seamless texture of an image generated in Midjourney?

    -You can check the seamless texture by visiting a specific website mentioned in the official Discord channel, where you can replace the default image with the one you generated and adjust the tile width using a slider.

  • What are the best results obtained with the tile parameter in Midjourney?

    -The best results are obtained when using the tile parameter in combination with test and test speed. It is also compatible with all algorithm or creation flows, including version 3, version 2, and upscale variations.

  • Can the tile parameter be used to create textures for gaming environments?

    -Yes, the tile parameter can be used to create seamless textures for gaming environments, such as backgrounds, ground textures, or large areas of a specific material like grass.

  • How does using the tile parameter affect memory consumption in game design?

    -Using the tile parameter reduces memory consumption because it allows for the use of smaller textures that can be repeated, rather than using multiple large, unique textures.

  • What other uses are there for the tile parameter besides gaming?

    -The tile parameter can also be used for character design, clothing patterns, wallpapers, and any other application that requires seamless repeating patterns.

  • How can the Community Feed on Midjourney inspire tile creation?

    -The Community Feed showcases various creations by other users that include wall tiles and other patterns. By exploring these, one can get inspired and create unique tiles based on what they see.

  • What is the importance of composing the output when generating a tile in Midjourney?

    -Composing the output correctly is important to ensure that the generated image matches the desired composition for a seamless style, such as a top view for a grass texture in a game.

  • Is there any need to include additional keywords like 'world tile' when using the tile parameter in Midjourney?

    -No, there is no need to include additional keywords like 'world tile' as the algorithm in Midjourney will automatically handle the creation of seamless tiles.

  • Can the tile parameter create infinite panoramic landscapes?

    -Yes, the tile parameter can be used to create infinite panoramic landscapes by specifying top and bottom elements like 'rice and sky', which can be useful for ultra-wide displays.

  • Where can users find discussions and examples of creative uses of the tile parameter?

    -Users can find discussions and examples on the Midjourney Discord, specifically in the #prompt-craft channel, where the community shares their creations and ideas.



🌟 Introducing the New 'Tile' Parameter in Midjourney

This paragraph introduces a new feature in Midjourney, the 'tile' parameter, which enables users to generate seamless styles. The narrator explains how to use a website to preview seamless textures and mentions that this feature was announced on the official Discord channel. The narrator also discusses the importance of the tile parameter for creating seamless textures that can be used as styles in Midjourney, and how it differs from previous methods. The official announcement is referenced, highlighting that seamless textures can be edited post-prompt generation and that the best results are achieved with 'test' and 'testp' speed settings. Compatibility with various algorithm versions is also noted. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of how to use the website to replace the default image with a custom one and adjust the tile width.


🎨 Creative Applications and Community Inspiration for the 'Tile' Parameter

The second paragraph delves into the creative possibilities of the 'tile' parameter, suggesting its use for wallpapers, gaming, character design, and more. The narrator emphasizes the efficiency of using smaller textures that repeat, which consumes less memory. The Community Feed is recommended for inspiration, where users can find unique tiles and examples of how others are utilizing the 'tile' parameter. The paragraph also provides a tip on composing the output for specific views, such as a grass texture for a game, to ensure the generated image fits the desired seamless style. The narrator advises using precise keywords to control the camera angle and composition. The paragraph wraps up with a mention of the Midjourney Discord channel, where users share their creations and discuss the 'tile' parameter, highlighting the community's innovative uses for this feature.



πŸ’‘tile parameter

The 'tile parameter' is a feature in the AI software 'Midjourney' that enables users to create seamless patterns or textures. It is a key aspect of the video as it allows for the generation of images that can be tiled without visible seams, which is particularly useful for creating backgrounds or textures in various applications such as gaming or design. In the script, it is mentioned as a new addition to the software that simplifies the process of creating seamless styles.

πŸ’‘seamless texture

A 'seamless texture' refers to a pattern or image that can be repeated without any visible breaks or seams, creating a continuous and uniform look. In the context of the video, seamless textures are generated using the tile parameter in Midjourney, which is showcased as a way to create visually appealing and technically efficient designs, as seen in the examples provided.

πŸ’‘Discord channel

The 'Discord channel' mentioned in the script is an online community platform where users of Midjourney can communicate, share tips, and get updates about the software. It is highlighted as a source of information about the tile parameter, indicating its significance in the user community.

πŸ’‘image style

In the video, 'image style' refers to the visual characteristics and appearance of an image generated by the AI. The tile parameter is used to modify the style to create seamless patterns, which is a departure from the typical process of specifying styles that may not result in seamless outcomes.

πŸ’‘test and test speed

The phrase 'test and test speed' in the script advises users to experiment with the tile parameter to achieve the best results. It suggests that users should try different settings and speeds to find the optimal configuration for generating seamless textures.


The 'algorithm' in the context of the video is the underlying process or set of rules that the AI software uses to generate images based on user input. The tile parameter works in conjunction with the algorithm to produce seamless textures, as mentioned in the official announcement from Midjourney.

πŸ’‘upscale variations

'Upscale variations' refer to the different versions or iterations of an image that can be generated by adjusting the resolution or other parameters. The script mentions that the tile parameter is compatible with these variations, allowing for a wide range of seamless patterns to be created.

πŸ’‘Community Feed

The 'Community Feed' is a feature within the Midjourney platform where users can share and view the creations of others. It is recommended in the script as a source of inspiration for creating unique tiles and exploring the potential of the tile parameter.


In the video, 'wallpaper' is an example of one of the practical applications for the seamless textures generated using the tile parameter. It illustrates how these textures can be used to create decorative backgrounds that are visually appealing and technically efficient due to their seamless nature.

πŸ’‘character design

The term 'character design' is used in the script to suggest another application for the seamless textures. It implies that the tile parameter can be used to create patterns or textures for characters in various forms of media, such as games or animations.

πŸ’‘infinite panoramic landscape

An 'infinite panoramic landscape' is a creative concept mentioned in the script where the tile parameter is used to generate a long, seamless background that can be used for ultra-wide displays or other purposes. It demonstrates the versatility and creative potential of the tile parameter in creating expansive visual scenes.


Introduction of the new tile parameter in Midjourney that facilitates the creation of seamless styles.

Demonstration of using a website to check seamless textures generated by Midjourney.

Official Discord channel mention as a resource for checking textures.

Explanation of how the tile parameter simplifies the generation of seamless styles compared to previous methods.

Caveats and best practices for using the tile parameter effectively.

Compatibility of the tile parameter with various Midjourney creation flows and versions.

Instructions on how to use the website to replace and customize seamless textures.

The ability to adjust tile width and observe the changes in real-time.

Practical applications of seamless styles in wallpapers, gaming, and character design.

Advantages of using smaller, repeating textures for memory efficiency in large areas.

Recommendation to visit the Community Feed for inspiration and unique tile creations.

Examples of creative uses of tiles found in the Community Feed.

Tip on composing output for specific views when generating tiles for games.

Discussion on the Prone Craft channel in Midjourney Discord about the tile parameter.

Examples of different aspect ratios for tiles and their creative applications.

Infinite panoramic landscape creation using tile with precise stop and bottom like rice and sky.

Community discoveries and creative ways to use the tile parameter.

Encouragement for users to explore and think outside the box with the tile parameter.

Invitation for users to share their ideas and creations in the comment section.