Midjourney in the Web Browser! - First Look

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24 Jan 202404:43

TLDRMid Journey has launched a web browser version, allowing users to create images outside of Discord. This new platform is in Alpha and available to those who've created at least 5,000 images. The video explores the features of the web version, such as dark mode, image size selection, model choices, and various creative options. Users can also explore and replicate prompts from the community. The intuitive UI and ease of use are highlighted, making it accessible to a wider audience beyond Discord. Overall, this development is seen as a positive step for Mid Journey.


  • 🌐 Midjourney has launched a web browser version, allowing image creation without needing Discord.
  • 🎨 Users who have created at least 5,000 images on Midjourney are granted access to the 5,000 Club, which is currently in Alpha.
  • πŸŒ‘ The interface includes a dark mode feature, which is appreciated by users for its usability.
  • πŸ“‚ An archive page is available for sorting images by various criteria, enhancing organization.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The 'create' section has been updated with new features, including the selection of image size and model.
  • πŸ” Users can choose between different versions of the Midjourney model, from 5 up to 6.5.1 and N5.
  • βš™οΈ There are options to adjust the speed of image creation with 'relax', 'fast', and 'turbo' settings.
  • πŸŽ›οΈ Sliders for stylization, weirdness, and variety provide users with control over the creative output.
  • πŸ”„ An 'explore' feature lets users find and recreate prompts from other images they like.
  • πŸ”„ Variations and upscaling options are available for existing images, with a simple interface for modifications.
  • πŸ“ˆ The new web browser version is seen as a strategic move to reach a wider audience beyond Discord users.
  • πŸ› οΈ The UI is intuitive and easy to use, with a focus on user experience and accessibility.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the launch of MidJourney's web browser version and its features.

  • What is the 5,000 Club mentioned in the video?

    -The 5,000 Club is an exclusive group for users who have created at least 5,000 images on MidJourney, giving them access to the web browser version.

  • What is the first thing the video creator did when accessing the web browser version of MidJourney?

    -The first thing the video creator did was switch to dark mode.

  • What feature allows users to sort their images in the archive page?

    -Users can sort their images by various criteria on the archive page.

  • What options are available in the 'Create' section for adjusting image prompts?

    -In the 'Create' section, users can select image size, model versions, and settings like relax, fast, and turbo. They can also adjust sliders for stylization, weirdness, and variety.

  • What is one of the cool features mentioned that users can do in the 'Explore' section?

    -In the 'Explore' section, users can click on a 'T' icon to see the prompt used for an image and then recreate that prompt.

  • What can users do with the images they find in the 'Explore' section?

    -Users can create variations, upscale, pan, and zoom in or out on the images they find.

  • How does the video creator feel about the UI of the web browser version?

    -The video creator finds the UI very intuitive, easy to use, and appreciates the inclusion of dark mode.

  • Why does the video creator think the web browser version is a good move for MidJourney?

    -The video creator believes it is a good move because it removes the barrier of needing a Discord account, making it easier for more users to access MidJourney.

  • How does the video creator conclude the video?

    -The video creator concludes by expressing hope that more users will get access to the web browser version soon and thanks the viewers for tuning in.



πŸ–ΌοΈ Introduction to Mid Journey's Web Browser Version

The video script introduces the newly launched web browser version of Mid Journey, a platform for creating images. It discusses the '5,000 Club' feature, which is currently in Alpha and available to users who have created at least 5,000 images. The script provides a walkthrough of the platform's features, including dark mode, an archive page for sorting images, and the 'create' section where users can input prompts and select image sizes, models, and versions. The user interface is praised for its intuitive design and ease of use.

πŸ› οΈ Customizing Image Creation with Mid Journey

This section of the script delves deeper into the customization options available for image creation on Mid Journey. It explains how users can select image sizes, choose between different models and modes, and adjust the stylization, weirdness, and variety of their images. The script also shows how to launch an image with the selected features and highlights the ease of setting up and working with the platform's interface.

πŸ”Ž Exploring and Creating from Discovered Images

The script describes the 'explore' feature of Mid Journey, where users can sort and find images they like. It demonstrates how to use the 'T' button to reveal the prompt of an image and create a new image based on that prompt. The script also introduces the 'pan' feature, which allows users to adjust the composition of an image, and the 'outpainting' feature that extends the image beyond its original borders.

πŸ”„ Generating Variations and Upscaling Images

The final part of the script discusses the ability to create variations of an image directly from the image page. It shows how to upscale images and use the 'pan' feature to adjust the image's composition. The script emphasizes the user-friendly nature of these features and the overall satisfaction with the platform's functionality and user interface.

πŸ“’ Conclusion and Future Prospects for Mid Journey

The script concludes by reflecting on the benefits of Mid Journey's move to a web browser version, which is expected to attract a wider audience by eliminating the need for a Discord account. It suggests that the platform has done a commendable job with the user interface and expresses optimism about potential future features, while encouraging users to look forward to gaining access to the web browser version.



πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to a platform or service that is likely involved in creating digital images or content, as suggested by the context of generating images and various features related to image creation. In the video's theme, it is central as the subject of the first look and exploration of its web browser version.

πŸ’‘Web Browser Version

This term indicates that Mid Journey has introduced a version of its service that can be accessed and used through web browsers, rather than being limited to a specific application or platform. It is a key aspect of the video as it discusses the new capabilities and user interface of this version.

πŸ’‘5,000 Club

The 5,000 Club seems to be a special access or membership tier within Mid Journey, granted to users who have created at least 5,000 images. It is part of the Alpha testing phase, suggesting that it offers early access to new features or a more advanced version of the service.


Alpha, in the context of software development, refers to a version of the product that is still in the early stages of testing and is often used by a select group of users to identify and fix bugs. In the video, it is mentioned to describe the current state of the 5,000 Club and its features.

πŸ’‘Dark Mode

Dark mode is a user interface mode that uses a dark color scheme for the background, which can be preferred for reducing eye strain or for aesthetic reasons. In the script, it is highlighted as a feature that the user appreciates and finds useful in the web browser version of Mid Journey.

πŸ’‘Archive Page

The archive page is a section within the Mid Journey service where users can sort and view their previously created images. It is mentioned as a feature that allows for organization and easy access to past work.

πŸ’‘Create Section

The create section is where users input prompts or commands to generate new images. It is a critical part of the Mid Journey service, as it is the interface for users to interact with and create new content.

πŸ’‘Image Size

Image size refers to the dimensions of the images that can be created within Mid Journey. The script mentions various sizes, indicating that users have the flexibility to choose the size of their output, which is an important feature for tailoring images to specific needs or preferences.


In the context of the video, models likely refer to different algorithms or styles that Mid Journey uses to generate images. Users can select between different models, such as 'standard' or 'raw,' to influence the outcome of their image creation.


Stylization in image creation refers to the process of applying a particular style or aesthetic to an image. The script mentions a slider for stylization, which allows users to adjust the intensity of the style applied to their images, offering a way to customize the visual output.


Variety, in this context, likely refers to the range of different styles or outcomes that can be achieved when creating images. It is mentioned alongside 'weirdness' as a slider option, suggesting that users can control the diversity and uniqueness of their generated images.


UI stands for User Interface, which is the space where interactions between the user and a digital device occur. The video script comments on the UI of Mid Journey's web browser version, noting its intuitiveness and ease of use, which are important for a positive user experience.


Discord is a communication platform that was previously required for accessing Mid Journey, as mentioned in the script. The move to a web browser version is seen as beneficial because it allows Mid Journey to reach users who may not have used Discord, thereby expanding its audience.


Mid Journey has launched a web browser version, allowing users to create images without using Discord.

Access to the web version is granted to users who have created at least 5,000 images, known as the '5,000 Club'.

The web version is currently in Alpha, indicating it's an early release and may have updates.

Users can switch to dark mode for a better viewing experience.

An archive page is available for sorting and organizing created images.

In the create section, users can input prompts and select image sizes ranging from 1:16 to 69:21.

Different models and modes such as standard or raw can be selected for image creation.

Users can choose between various versions of the Mid Journey model, including 5, 5.1, and 2.

Image creation speed can be adjusted with options like relax, fast, and turbo.

A slider allows users to adjust the level of stylization, weirdness, and variety in images.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to set up, with a focus on user experience.

While image creation is in progress, users can explore other images and see their prompts.

Images can be recreated using prompts from the explore page.

Variations of images can be created, including upscaling and panning.

The panning feature allows users to adjust the focus area of an image.

A zoom out feature is available for creating outpainting effects.

Variations of an image can be generated directly from the image page.

The UI design is appreciated for its intuitiveness and ease of use.

The move to a web browser version is seen as beneficial for reaching a wider audience beyond Discord users.

The 5,000 images threshold for access is achievable for regular users of Mid Journey.